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Why Butterflies

The importance of butterflies to the world!

Intrinsic value

Butterflies and moths are the second most abundant species of insects in the world, after the beetles.
Butterflies exist on all continents except Antarctica.
Butterflies have a long natural history on Earth. Scientists have discovered butterfly fossils, one being Prodryas persophone, dating back 40 million years ago.
However, scientists suggest that butterflies evolved along with the development of flowering plants during the Cretaceous Period about 65-135 million years ago.

Aesthetic value

Generally, butterflies are known to be the most beautiful insects in the world.
Artists, designers, poets and songwriters have been using butterflies as subjects and inspirations in their work.
In some cultures, butterflies are often portrayed as symbols of souls, freedom, love and peace.

Educational value

The butterfly’s life cycle is often used as a teaching tool in Science for young children. The transformation process from caterpillar to pupa is one of the most marvelous wonders in nature.
The butterfly is also used in early studies to show an insect’s body parts.

Economic value

Butterflies are known to be one of the most significant polinators after honey bees
Butterfly farming encourages eco-tourism.

Ecosystem value

Butterflies are important pollinators to most agricultural crops.
In addition to their ecological niche, butterflies are also a food source to predators like birds, spiders, lizards and other animals.