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01. What is Thousand Shades Butterfly Park ?
This is a project being executed by Uthaan NGO for department of forest, Govt. of Haryana in Sector 52, Gurugram.

02. What are the timings of the park?
Park opens at 8:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm, Indoor conservatory 10:00 am to 4:00 pm ( Monday Closed )

03. Who all can visit the parks
Schools – there are tailored made programs such as life cycle of butterflies, conservation of water in field, herbal and other plan identification, nature walk, plant adoption, visual reality. Corporates – Plantation and other CSR activities related to conservation and nature.

04. How much is the entrance fee / entry ticket?
Entry fee is Rs.50/- per person

05. Can we bring food from outside?
No, the park does not allow outside food items as it is a research area. Canteen facility is there which is open from 8:00 am and to 6:00 pm all days.

06. Which is the ideal time to spot butterflies?
Butterflies can be ideally spotted between 9-11 am when they are collecting daily nectar.

07. Can I adopt a plant?
Yes, you can adopt a plants.

08. Which Butterfly species are available in the park?
20 species of butterflies are available inside the park such as lemon Butterfly, Tiger Butterfly, Blue Mormon etc.

09. Is there any guide for giving a brief about butterfly life cycle.
Yes, There is a guide to explain about the life cycle. Guide would be available at the office.

10. Can I bring my pet to butterfly park?
Yes, pets are allowed in the park only on week days.

11. How long do butterflies live?
The average life of a butterfly is around 6-8 weeks.

12. Why the name is thousandshadesbutterfly?
It is because we have multiple flora, fauna, and butterflies at the park containing myriad shades of colors. This is the beauty of the nature that it adapts different colors with the change of seasons.

13. When can we see butterflies?
Spotting of butterfly is a seosnal phenomena